Prices, Systems and Competitors

All solar water heaters will save you money.
  • Ubersolar saves more electricity for less investment, provides more hot water for less cost, resulting in higher savings, faster payback on investment and better value for money.
  • When compared with other systems (75 in the following graphs) the analysis shows how Ubersolar outperforms competing systems.

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  • Value for money is calculated by by taking the cost of each solar system. Then dividing those costs by the projected kWh daily savings X the cost per kWh (for example R2,04) over a 10 year period. That is converted into a % net return.
  • It sorts all systems per R100 of invested value on a a like for like basis. The higher the % return the greater the value for money. Ubersolar offers the best value for money.

Value For Money = Return in % Over 10 Years Per R100 Spent

  • Payback on investment, or when you recover the cost of investment through Rand savings on electricity saved is a great indicator of a good value system. Irrespective of size or model chosen Ubersolar offers the fastest paybacks.

PAYBACK - How Fast Do You Recover Your Investment?

  • The question everyone wants to know. All Ubersolar systems use the same technology. The cost is really just a question of how big the solar collector is, or put another way how big the engine is.
  • We go from the cheapest systems to big systems that are the most competitive in their size.

SWH Systems Sorted to Supply Cost Inc VAT

  • Ubersolar provides more hot water for every Rand invested, unless you go for the much lower cost units. Being cheaper they still offer the best value for money, and faster paybacks.

Hot Water Output(Litres) at The Tap at 40°C

  • Bigger systems that cost more, also save more. The solar engine is bigger saving more electricity, resulting in higher savings.
  • But choose the system that meets your requirements. No point in having a system for 6 people if you are only 2.

Projected Rand Net Returns Over 10 Years

  • Systems that have bigger solar collectors will replace more electricity. Ubersolar believes that if you are going to go solar, save as close to 100% of the electricity that you can for the tank volume.
  • The cheaper systems that are less efficient, offer very good value for money and fast payback. You can always expand any of the systems at a later date.

Efficiency Indicator in %- Solar Replacing Electricity for Tank Volume


Comparisons are calculated on the basis of the information provided in SANS Conformity reports, SANS 1307 or SANS 6211-11 for the solar water heating systems shown. Where comparisons have not been shown it is a result of not being able to obtain accurate performance or price information.

Performance on the systems is shown on a like for like basis. Pricing of competing systems are based on the latest information obtained, which may be as old as 2015, while Ubersolar prices are current.

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How to Choose a Solar Water Heater