Pay As You Go Solar by Ubersolar – New in 2023

  • UberSolar through Pay As You Go Solar has a unique offer for everyone that heats water in South Africa with an electric geyser.
  • Now for the first time the savings on electric heating water can be used to fund a solar water heater over 24 months for almost the same cost as electricity.
  • After 24 months your electricity savings will result in your owning a solar water heater giving you huge financial savings for years to come.
  • We understand that cash is tight and electricity prices are painfully high and going up annually.
  • We have a solution that can help today and going forward.
  • Pay As You Go Solar enables you to reduce your monthly electricity bill by typically 40% and for the electricity cost savings to be used for the payment of a monthly installment for your solar system.
  • Water heating is typically around 40% of your total electricity bill.
electricity graph
  • From as little as R1,100 per month every month over 24 months you can own your solar water heating system that will give you enormous financial savings for many years.
  • It is simple, just meet the criteria and we will install your 24 tube solar retrofit.
  • On the UberSolar website, there are extensive educational videos and other information.
  • With regard to Pay As You Go Solar the following questions and answers generally address all the questions we receive.  Please just ask for any other information required.
  • To make the Questions and Answers (hopefully logical) we have broken them into 3 sections, Pre-Installation, Installation and Post Installation.
24 evt

Pricing for Pay As You Go Solar Hot Water Heating Retrofits

24 Months @ Rand pm
24 Month Flat Roof Cost pm
KWH Deemed Daily Saving
Hot Water Litres Output at 40°C
Projected Payback
150l Geyser Retrofit 24 EVT+ UberTrac
27 Months
150l Geyser Retrofit 24 EVT + UberTrac + NightSolar
26 months
150l Geyser Retrofit 30 EVT + UberTrac
25 months
150l Geyser Retrofit 30 EVT + UberTrac + NightSolar
23 months
200l Geyser Retrofit 30 EVT + UberTrac
25 months
200l Geyser 30 EVT + UberTrac +NightSolar
23 months

Pre-Installation - Question and Answers

  • Q: What is the catch?
  • There isn’t one.
  • Q: What about other sizes of Geysers?
  • We offer the no deposit 24-month instalment plan for 150-litre geysers from R1,100 per month and for 200-litre electric geysers retrofitted with 30 tubes from R1300 per month
  • Q: What is the warranty?
  • The warranty on the solar components is 5 years, two years on the pumps, with full service and maintenance included in the instalment period.
  • Q: What if I do not own my home but rent?
  • We will not enter into an agreement with you unless you own your home. If you are renting, we can enter into an agreement with your landlord who can become the entity that enters into the instalment contract.
  • Q: What about installing systems on flat roofs?
  • No problem. There will be a small adjustment in the monthly instalment to reflect the extra cost of the rear legs kit.
  • Q: What about pre-installation site visits?
  • Upon application and completion of the quote form, we look at your home on Google Maps and can see whether your home is suitable. (We cannot do thatch roofs). We may on rare occasions charge a site visit fee which will be refunded if the instalment plan goes ahead.
  • Q: What about WiFi?
  • It is a condition that you have and maintain active WiFi and the Internet at your home for the Ubertrac controller to provide the necessary electric backup and solar controls.
  • Q: What are the Qualifications for the Instalment Plan?
  • Applicants may be accepted or rejected following assessment.As essential criteria to qualify,
    a) you must own your own house,
    b) you must have WiFi and permanent Internet connection,
    c) you must have a bank account and supply the last 3 months’ summary bank statement information in PDF not older than 7 days.


    We may also need;
    a) sight of your electricity bills for 3 months and
    b) confirmation of your employment.

    We will require either a signed copy of the contract between us or your first monthly instalment will act as confirmation of your agreement to the terms and conditions of the contract.

  • Q: Will I always have heating back up?
  • Your electric element will remain connected and the timing ON/OFF will be controlled by the Ubertrac controller. So yes, you will always have backup heating except if your electricity is disconnected or load shedding. Both your distribution board circuit breaker and the isolator must remain turned ON
  • Q: How does retrofitting work?
  • We recommend you watch the video. summary,
    1) we connect to the plumbing on the cold water side of the geyser,
    2) pump water from there using a 12v DC pump and 10 Watt PV panel to the solar collector, in which there is a heat exchanger, collecting the heat from the solar irradiation, and
    3) then the pumped water is returned to the geyser.


    Over the day’s heating period of 6-10 hours (depending on the season), the high-pressure water in the geyser heats up.

  • Q: What do you do if my geyser is old
  • Most electric geysers are OK to retrofit.If your geyser is too old, (more than 15 years old) we will advise you before we start installing. You may have to replace your existing geyser with a new one.

    We use a standard solar-ready electrical geyser from Ariston /Heattech or Electrolux/Kwikot as seen in plumbers merchants and Builders merchants.

  • Q: How much will you save over 5, 10 20 years?
  • The investment returns are ridiculous when compared to any other investment because the price of electricity can only go up.Assuming 10% annual inflation in electricity prices, expect an investment return greater than 700% on the cost of the total instalment plan over 10 years.
  • Q: How much electricity will I save?
  • The 24-tube unit has a deemed efficiency of 100% electricity replacement on a Johannesburg average day.But you will use some electricity in winter because the days are short, the water is colder, the sun is lower in the sky, etc.

    In summer you should use almost no electricity backup, except for those very rainy days.

    Over 12 months we expect to save in excess of 90% of the electricity that would be used for heating water.

  • Q: How much is the Monthly Instalment Cost vs Electricity Savings?
  • We take a typical cost per kWh in 2023, being all the costs on a monthly bill including VAT, and divide that by the kWhs used.In Johannesburg (Eskom) that typically works out (for over 600kWh per month) at R3,82 per kWh increasing to R4.30 per kWh in 2024. The monthly instalment cost is very similar to the likely financial monthly savings.
  • Q: How Do you Calculate the Savings
  • The Ubertrac monitors everything and calculates the electrical savings.We cannot guarantee exactly how much electricity you save because it will depend on your home’s individual washing characteristics.
  • Q: How do I apply?
  • Please complete the quote form and state in the notes that you are looking for the 24-month instalment plan.
  • Q: How Do you Communicate?
  • We like email but increasingly we prefer WhatsApp as we can see that the message has been read, the content of the message is encrypted and it is quicker and easier.We will also communicate by Email and verbally by cell and Whats App calls.

Installation - Question and Answers

  • Q: How long does an installation take?
  • Typically, a morning if there are no complications.
  • Q: How long (time) to install after first monthly payment?
  • Installation will normally be within a week of the cleared funds in our bank account. You will be advised upon our receipt of your first instalment.
  • Q: What about installation extras?
  • If following a site visit or discussion on your home installation, there are extras that will need to be charged for in addition to the normal installation, we will agree with you first and payment will need to be made separate to the installation payment schedule.
  • Q: What normally happens during installation
  • We rarely go into the home, with most installations taking place through the roof. We will not start an installation unless the plumbing is compliant.In such event, we advise the client of the requirements and the likely costs to make the plumbing compliant. Any additional COC’s will be charged for.
  • Q: What about insuring the solar system?
  • We recommend that you do advise your insurer that you have installed a solar water heating system. There should be no additional premium. You will be liable for the balance of all instalments in the event your solar system is damaged or stolen.

Post-Installation - Question and Answers

  • Q: What is my monthly instalment?
  • Your monthly instalment will be stated on the contractual agreement between us. There may be a 2nd 12 months inflationary charge not exceeding 10% in addition to the amount on the first 12 months instalments.
  • Q: What happens if my Direct Debit fails?
  • We will resubmit 48 hours later. If it fails again, we will turn off your hot water (both solar and electric) until you bring your account up to date. If you continue to default, we will take steps to remove the system that remains our property until all instalments have been paid.
  • Q: What happens if I have a cash crisis?
  • Call us – DO NOT HIDE YOUR HEAD IN THE SAND. We understand and we can make a plan to help.
  • Q: What about Repossession?
  • If you have defaulted on the instalment payment terms, we may take steps to repossess your solar system, list you with credit agencies and maybe take you to court.
  • Q: What is the Process for repairs?
  • Ring the number on your contract or contact us on the website.
  • Q: What About Service and Maintenance?
  • We monitor all systems. If your WIFI has failed, you will receive an email or WhatsApp message. We can see if your system is underperforming. When a repair is necessary (it can happen) we will arrange a site visit, normally within 24 hours.
  • Q: What about leaks and repairs at my home
  • Although rare, leaks can occur either immediately or sometime later after the installation. When we are notified of a leak or a problem, we will advise you what to do and arrange for a repair team to visit normally within 24 hours.
  • Q: What happens if I sell my house?
  • The system must stay on the house during the first 24 months. If the house is sold either the original owner will continue to be liable for the installments or the new owner of the house must assume the instalments liability.
  • Q: What happens if the owner dies?
  • If the owner dies within the first 24 months, their estate will be liable for the continued instalment payments.
  • Q: What if I have a burst geyser?
  • A burst or leaking geyser can occur at any time and has nothing to do with the solar installation. If it happens withing a few hours or days of the solar installation it is purely coincidental.
  • Q: What is the process following a burst geyser
  • We recommend that you call your insurance company and advise them. They will frequently appoint an assessor to inspect the geyser.Most insurers are happy to provide a cash payment for the replacement of your burst geyser or they will appoint a panel plumber to come and replace the failed unit. We are prepared to write a letter to your insurer following inspection of the unit to advise that it has burst (or not) and to supply and install a new geyser on your behalf in exchange for payment from you.
  • Q: What about reliability and maintenance?
  • The solar systems have been proven over many years and are very reliable requiring minimal maintenance. The glass tubes may need to be washed every 3 or 4 years if there has been a dirt build up.
  • Q: What about after Sales Service?
  • We pride ourselves on after sales service. If an emergency repair is required, we can advise what to do, if we can’t get to you immediately. We normally will get to repairs within 24 hours and will keep in contact with you.
  • Q: What about lightning?
  • Most of the time it does not cause a problem. The Ubertrac computer can be damaged in the same way as a television or other computer if your house is subject to a direct hit.
  • Q: What about hail storms?
  • We have only lost very few tubes over the last 10 years due to hail. In such event we can come and replace the tubes which only takes a few minutes.
  • Q: What if I want to move the system to a new house?
  • The system cannot be moved in the first 24 months following installation. When the system is owned (after 24 months if all payments have been made) it can be moved to another property at your own expense.
  • Q: When do I get the title deed?
  • The ownership and title will be past at the end of 24 months, subject to instalments being paid and up to date.
  • Q: How long are Repair Times?
  • Normally undertaken within 24 hours and hopefully the same day.
  • Q: What about my sales invoice?
  • A sales invoice will only be sent following completion of all instalments being paid
  • Q: What about a statement?
  • We can issue statements to you on a quarterly basis when requested showing what has been paid.