UBER Solar FAQ Information & Education

Please watch a quick overview on Ubersolar

  • The more you learn the more confusing it can get
  • To make it simple, we guarantee that if you can find any solar water heater that matches our performance (on a like for like basis) for the cost we will refund the difference.
  • We know that the Ubersolar water heating systems, retrofits, complete systems both split / indirect / pumped and close coupled thermosiphon are cheaper per kWh of saving than others because of the technology and design.
  • At Ubersolar we are passionate about saving energy and helping reduce carbon emissions.

The following PDF documents can be downloaded which will address all the questions you may have.

Making Going Solar Easy
  • How much electricity will I save?
  • How long will it take to heat hot water (in an electric geyser)?
  • How long will it take to heat water with solar?
  • How hot will the water get with solar?
  • How does the weather affect the performance of solar?
  • What size of solar system do I need?
  • Why is Solar a Good Investment?
  • What pitfalls does one need to avoid?

The Ubersolar Process for Going Solar
  • Our process
  • Scheduling the Installation
  • The Installation
  • Post Installation
  • Customer Service (Post Installation)

Understanding Solar Water Heating Technologies, Advantages, Disadvantages and Types
  • Initial steps to understand
  • Solar Water Heaters Types and Designs
  • Tanks, Solar geysers, Electric Geysers
  • Solar Collectors
  • Solar Radiation (MJ) and Solar Efficiency
  • ‘Q’ factors and Overall Energy Output
  • What matters

Following Your Solar Installation
  • What to Expect and Recommendations
  • Simple Trouble Shooting
  • Maintenance
  • Storm Damage
  • Leaking geysers
  • General plumbing problems