Uber Solar

Head Office

No 5 2nd Avenue
Rivonia 2128
Gauteng South Africa

Ubersolar Background

  • We have been manufacturing solar water heaters in South Africa since 2010, although the interest in renewable sustainable energy goes back to as early as 1969.
  • Since 2004 a number of new solar technologies were played with, on the basis that South Africa’s abundant sunshine should have made sense, but the reality with cheap fossil fuel electricity, unless one wanted to go off grid, solar was really a non-starter.
  • By 2010, the price increases from Eskom started to make solar an economic reality, but only if it was subsidized, which it was until 2014. Eskom’s motivation to support energy saving technologies, solar, lighting, electric motors, etc was motivated not by saving the sale of kWh, but to save their morning and evening peak demand capacity issues.
  • With no energy saving incentives available in South Africa for any technology since 2014, unlike other parts of the world that are taking great strides to reduce carbon emissions and fight climate change, all renewable energy has faced the huge challenge that electricity from coal was cheaper to produce than renewable energy.
  • At 2018 the balance has changed, as a result of increasing electricity prices. As we go forward into the next decade, renewables for large scale generation, feeding electricity into the grid, should become increasingly important.
  • Behind the meter renewables, being solar water heaters for saving energy, and solar electric photo voltaic for generating one’s own electricity at home or in business, will change the electricity landscape, for the simple reason that it will be cheaper than buying from the grid.

Products and Services at 2019

  • We manufacture, supply and install both low pressure and high pressure solar water heaters both retrofits, (converting electric geysers to solar) and complete systems.
  • We also work with a number of partner companies, in solar electric (photo voltaic) for both homes and business.

The Directors and Staff

  • The CEO James Green has been involved in energy and solar for many years and actively since 2004 in South Africa.
  • James was also Chairman of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA) Solar Water Heating Division, and served on the Council of the South African Renewable Energy Council, retiring from both in mid 2017.
  • The sales and marketing team along with the installer teams have all been actively involved with solar water heating since 2010.