About Us – Pioneering New Technology

  • Uber Solar’s roots go back to 2004 when James Green the CEO, was in process of building game lodges and wanting to go ‘green’ by using solar in preference to electricity for heating water.
  • The problem was simply the cost of the technologies available and the limited kWh savings, resulting in returns on investment that were unacceptable at 15 years and more.
  • By 2009 the price of electricity had risen by some 200% but the payback points and ROI’s were still unacceptable.

New Technology Was Needed
  • The aim of Uber Solar was to create solar water heating technology that achieved:
  • 100% savings on electricity used in heating geysers (all sizes), taking the shortest day of the year and when cold water was at its lowest. Most solar water heaters only achieve 65% +/-.
  • Eliminating the problem of overheating in periods of stagnation when no hot water is being used (when away on holiday)
  • Reliability with very low maintenance requirements and increased durability for long life
  • To do it at a cost that needed to be significantly lower
  • To provide the consumer with the best returns on investment (financial savings) and the fastest payback on capital
  • To avoid aesthetic objections, for example tanks sitting on the roof, unacceptable in many developments
  • To enable a fast simple ‘plug and play’ installation
  • 6 years of development (numerous prototypes) and extensive testing at the SABS ensued and the goals were met.

The Principles
  • To use existing proven solar components
  • To provide long term reliability and minimal maintenance and lifespans in excess of 25 years
  • To manufacture and assemble in South Africa

Is it better?
  • All solar water heaters have one principle job, to generate and store hot water
  • Uber Solar is not better or worse, it is just more efficient and gives a better financial and electrical saving than other systems, and therefore is better value for money.
  • It achieves this through patented technology which matches the solar collector (the engine of the system) to the storage tank capacity, whether it is 150 litres, or 10,000 litres or more.


James Green


Dr Hector Magome


Mrs Zeenith Williams


Mrs Bridget Bird


The Business
  • Uber Solar manufactures in Ladysmith (Natal) and Port Elizabeth (Eastern Cape) with administration offices in Johannesburg and Cape Town.
  • The shareholders and Directors have all been involved with solar and manufacturing for many years and have extensive business experience, including the manufacture and installation of solar water heaters and other components.
  • The CEO James Green sat on the Council of the Sustainable Energy Society of Southern Africa (SESSA) 2014-2017 and on the Council of the South Africa Renewable Energy Council (SAREC).
  • Ubersolar is a trading name of African Sun Solar Geysers that holds a SABS Mark on various systems.