The Leading Solar Water Heating Systems in South Africa Since 2010


Ubersolar manufacture 100 litres, 150 litres, 200 litres, 300 litres, 400 litres, and larger High Pressure Split Indirect Pumped Solar Systems, both Retrofits where we use existing geysers and Complete Systems where we also provide the geysers plumbed together in series using various manufacturers’ tanks .


The most difficult aspect of solar is understanding & education

Watch these educational videos before investing

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  • Solar Retrofits can be done on
  • your existing electric geyser
  • Complete Systems are normally for new homes or extensions
  • Solar Systems are sized according to the number of people
  • As every home is different, we will need to speak with you
  • We may need to do a site visit if numerous geysers or complicated

UberSolar Controllers – in a class of their own

  • UberTrac – the world’s most advanced Online Controller
  • UberSmart – Online or Offline display and Control on Smart Phone

Solar Heating at Night – New & Unique

  • The only Solar Water Heating Systems that can heat water at night
  • Upto an extra 50% off daily kWh savings at night – normally 35%

Insulation for Reduced Heat Loss

  • Save Money & Electricity
  • Solar Collectors & Reticulation
  • Geyser Duvets

Building Development & Trade

  • Plumber & Solar Installer trade prices for Solar Retrofits & Complete Systems
  • New Building Development & Trade Prices

UberSolar Hot Water Heating Technology

  • Why we are different
  • How it works
  • Solar Heating Collectors – Evacuated Tubes & Flat plates

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